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We hope to Convert You!

We convert ANY content to a modern website that you fully control and can edit. These are websites are FAST and SEO optimized for a modern web.

  • Get the True Power of WordPress in Your Hands

  • Setup Professionally With Premium Agency Plugins

  • Managed Hosting & Support Available



Wix to WordPress

Is your Wix site too limiting? Convertipress will convert it over to WordPress at a reasonable price.


HTML to WordPress

Okay, is it time for your HTML site to have more functionality? We can convert HTML to WordPress for less!


Google Docs to WordPress

Just share all the text, links and images in a Google Doc and we will convert it over to WordPress.

Internet_Archive_logo_and_wordmark.svg to WordPress

Just send us a link to the old site you want restored to a fresh WordPress site with all the bells and whistles.


MS-Word to WordPress

Just send us all the info and pictures in a Word Document and we will convert it to a modern WordPress site.


ZIP File to WordPress

Just send us a zip file with your designs you want converted to a fresh WordPress site you can be very proud of.

Although with conversions we will try to make site match up perfectly, some aspects of the design may not be recommended or possible without custom programming. We will need to see your original design and the features that you need to see if ConvertiPress is a good fit.

Get a Price Quote.

Each website conversion is a little different, so let's talk first.



There are many reasons to use a service like ours

Maybe your site is gone. We might be able to recovery from the internet archive and restore it as a fresh site. Check to see if your site is saved on

Maybe your site got hacked. Using a backup, a screen shot or the internet archive we might be able to rebuild your site.

Maybe your website is broken. We can take your old design and build a clone in WordPress that you can edit and maintain yourself.

Maybe you are a Web Agency. Perhaps you want our team to convert your designs or old clients sites over to a modern WordPress page builder so you can edit further.


  • WordPress is Everywhere Online

    WordPress powers 35% of the internet in 2020, an increase of 2% compared to early 2019 and a 4% rise from the previous year.

  • WordPress Is The Most Popular By Far

    WordPress powers about 60% of the Content Management Sites (CMS) in the World.

  • WordPress is Incredibly Extendable offers over 50,000 plugins and over 3,500 GPL-licensed themes

  • WordPress is Growing Internationally

    In 2018, the non-English WordPress downloads were more than the English ones

WordPress is powerful but can be difficult to setup and manage. Also the premium plugins (which are best becuase they are supported and more secure) are very expensive. We have a library of official premium and agency grade plugins and themes that will give you the best WordPress Stack. We have been building WordPress Sites and we work with all the major page builders.


Don't know how to host your own WordPress Site? - No Problem.
We can host and manage all the plugins on your behalf. We even can make tweaks to content on an on-going basis with our partner service. is a website support and maintenance site.

Yay, We Are Kinda Excited Too.

Chat with a Conversion Expert to See if You Can Get Your Sanity Back!


We know what you are thinking, How much does this cost??
We we're thinkin' the same thing. We actually have to check out what is involve and what your expectations are before we give you an actual price quote, but this is a rough idea:

ConvertiPress prices start at $99 for your first page.
Additional pages are generally less money.

All sites will be loaded with Premium or Agency Lifetime Licenses

About Us

Convertipress is a service of Ledyard Digital, a digital technology company in Upstate New York that helps small to medium sized businesses succeed online.
Our experience with building Wordpress. websites dates back to 2006. We love the Wordpress platform and that's why we built Convertipress.

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